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Bridesmaid Jewelry to accent the Neckline

Bridesmaid Jewelry to accent the Neckline. When the time comes to select your bridesmaid jewelry for the special women in your "bridal party", there are many different styles of bridesmaid necklaces to choose from. The best way to select your bridesmaid necklaces is by looking at the neckline of the bridesmaid gowns. By using the neckline of the gown as a guide, you will be sure to find the right bridesmaid necklace to compliment your gowns and the color of the gowns properly.

The Bateau Neckline

The Bateau neckline is a high neckline that has almost no “scoop” to it at all. These necklines sometimes have a high back to them, but also can have a low or no back at all. There are a few styles of necklaces that are nicely worn with the bateau neckline. If the back of the dress is high (fabric to the neckline), then you will want to go with just one style of necklace, which is the choker style necklace. The choker style bridesmaid necklace is a tight fitting necklace that will wrap tightly around the upper neckline. A better fit for this style of gown with the high back may be just going with a pair of dangly earrings and a nice cuff bracelet. The other bateau neckline with no back or a low back can have a lariat style necklace worn with it. This style of necklace is adjustable in the front, so you can decide how far you want the front necklace line to go down your attendants "gowns". The back of the gown will be accented nicely with the lariat style necklace, as there will be two strands of pearls or crystals that dangle down the back line.

The Portrait Neckline

The Portrait neckline is an off the shoulder style dress that scallops in the front and usually has an embellishment in the center to pull the entire dress look together. There are many different styles of bridesmaids necklaces that can be worn with the portrait neckline. Chokers do look nice, as they assist in framing out the neckline. The Y-Drop or Pendant style necklace is a very complimentary style of bridesmaid necklace. This style of necklace will add the same form neckline as the dress, accented it nicely. One cue to take from this style of dress is the embellishment on the dress. If there are rhinestones on the dress, then choose a rhinestone style necklace, if they are pearls, wear pearls, the same with crystals as well. Another few styles that work nicely with this style of neckline is single, double and multiple strand necklaces. These style of necklaces provide an elegant draping feel to accent this style of neckline.

The Scoop Neckline

The scoop neckline is just as it sounds, a “U” shaped neckline that scoops down lower, sometimes in the back as well as the front. The best bridesmaid necklace to wear with this style of gown is a multiple strand necklace. The dramatic multiple strands of the necklace accent this style of neckline very complimentary. In addition to the multiple strand necklaces, single and double strand are also a great selection as well as the choker style necklace and y – drop or pendant style necklaces.
The Sweetheart Neckline

The sweetheart neckline is similar to the portrait, but this style of gown actually has a heart shaped opening in the front. This off the shoulder style dress is complimented well with a choker style necklace, a pendant necklace or multiple and single strand necklaces. The sweetheart style neckline is an easy neckline to match your bridesmaid necklaces to, as it allows itself to diversify. This style dress is a nice selection if you are planning on having different styles of bridesmaid necklaces for your maids, but the same dress.

The V-Neck Neckline

The V neckline is exactly as it sounds, the front of the dress, and sometimes the back of the dress forms a V shaped design, giving a more plunging neckline. This style of dress is complimented perfectly with a Y – drop or pendant style necklace. The V neck also looks nice with a single or double stranded necklace and looks nice with a choker style necklace as well.

The Square Neckline

The square neckline is close to the scoop style neckline, but has a straight cut across the chest. This style of neckline is complimented nicely by choker style necklaces. The choker style necklace annunciates the neckline, making it stand out. In addition to the choker style necklace, the double and single strand necklace styles also compliment this style nicely.

The Queen Anne Neckline

The Queen Anne neckline has the same chest front as the sweetheart style neckline, but has a high neckline that forms a diamond shape. The perfect and simple style necklace that compliments this style of gown is the pendant or y – drop style. The pendant and y drop style necklace is a dainty and delicate accessory to this style of neckline and is paired nicely with drop earrings.

The Halter Neckline

The Halter style neckline is a sleeveless style with the dress wrapping around the neckline, leaving the back of the dress bare. There is no necklace that can be worn that won’t touch the fabric of this style of gown. The best combination for this style of gown is a chunky bracelet and flashy elegant earrings.

Whether you select the same bridesmaid jewelry for all of your bridesmaids or different styles for the different attendants, use this guide to help you make your final decisions. Make sure that the colors either match or compliment your bridesmaid gowns. In addition to the color match, use the style of wedding as a guide for how fancy or simple your bridesmaid jewelry is. If you are having a formal wedding, wear classy and elegant jewelry. If you are having a simple garden wedding, select simple but sophisticated "bridesmaid jewelry". Your bridesmaids will cherish and remember the beautiful bridesmaid jewelry you gave to them to wear on your special day for a lifetime.

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