Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bridesmaid Checklist

Bridesmaid Checklist. The title of "bridesmaid" is an important honor that a married woman-to-be usually bestows upon her best friend or close relative. Besides assisting the bride with the planning of her wedding, calming her fears, and sharing the excitement, there are certain responsibilities and duties that a bridesmaid should become familiar with.

As the wedding dates slowly approaches, there are plenty of thought-out plans to last-minute preparations that a bridesmaid faces. Things need ordering, items picked up, and invitations sent out. Depending on the level of your involvement, you can become a true life saver or make things worse with your frantic approach. Below you will find a few things to keep in mind when given the responsibility and respect of holding the "bridesmaid" position. You may or not be given these tasks to complete, but it is a good thing to make a list and go over the bride's expectations.


A "bridesmaid" may help with finding a location for the wedding; ordering flowers; organizing the theme of the wedding; picking out the invitations and addressing them; shopping for decorations, selecting food and beverage, situating the seating arrangement; helping decide who to invite; purchasing the gifts for the maid-of-honor and bridesmaid gifts; and purchasing bachelorette party gifts and "bridal shower" mementos.


The "bridesmaid" may assist the bride in picking out the dresses worn during the ceremony, as well as help her make a final decision on the dress she will wear on her special day. A bridesmaid may attend all of the bride's fittings and give her constructive criticism. It is also important that the bridesmaid attend all of her fittings so the bride doesn’t have to worry whether or not the "bridesmaid dresses" are a bust. It is also the responsibility of the "bridesmaid" to pick up her dress, try it on once again, and inspect the item to make sure there are no mistakes or flaws.

Wedding Shower

Before the wedding shower, a "bridesmaid" should make sure all of the favors are purchased. She should pick out a dress and decide what sort of gift she will bring, such as a naughty piece of lingerie for the honeymoon. The theme should be in place, decorations ordered and picked up on time. An array of games should be chosen and on hand for during the shower. Allotting various tasks to additional "bridesmaids" makes the process much easier. Food, drinks, and music are also details to consider.

During the "wedding shower", it is important to arrive early for setup. You may also write down which presents came from whom, to make sending thank-you notes for the bride easier to accomplish. A bridesmaid also stays behind to help with the cleanup process.

Rehearsal Dinner

The bridesmaid may help the bride plan when and where the rehearsal dinner will take place. A dress is needed to attend this event. You should also come early to help with the setup and decorations. "Bridesmaids" may need to have an informal toast prepared for the dinner and be on hand for cleanup.

Wedding Day

It is important to make sure that all the necessary makeup, dresses, and shoes are in place and accessible for the big day. Bridesmaids should arrive early for picture taking and to lend a helping hand to a bride who might be quite nervous. "Bridesmaids" might also help direct guests to their assigned seats; meet and greet guests after the ceremony; and help with clean up if needed.

By: Maria Leon

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