Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bridesmaid Dresses Visited

Bridesmaid Dresses Visited. When a woman has the honor of being asked to be an attendant at a wedding, probably the first thing that pops into her head is the "bridesmaid dresses". There are a whole bunch of horror stories about nasty looking dresses that were chosen as bridesmaid dresses. I have seen tons of awful looking gowns, the ones from the 80s seem to be especially hideous. There are still plenty of fine looking "bridesmaid dresses" out there, so be warned bridal attendants.

I had the honor of paying the maid of honor for my best friend’s wedding and we recently checked out a bridal store to try on our gowns. The bride chose a few bridal gowns and she chose a few "bridesmaid dresses" in advance. It's always a smart thing to do when you can take care of everything in advance because you never know it's going to come up that it's really great to have time to adjust for those surprises.

I tried on three bridesmaid dresses and I was relieved and impressed with the bride’s excellent fashion sense. When she told me that she wanted the "bridesmaids" to wear pink, strapless gowns, my heart may have stopped. I imagined a shocking pink flamingo look, form-fitting dress, that would point out every single flaw on my frame - yuck. We'll actually found or three lovely "bridesmaid dresses" that were complementary to any type of figure and you can't beat that.

The tough thing was actually willing down my choices to just one. The bride and I agreed which "bridesmaid dress" looked the best on the Internet, but we were pleasantly surprised to see that her number two choice, we liked even better. When I tried it on it felt comfortable and I felt at ease with that particular "bridesmaid dress".

The bridesmaid dresses or a whitish-pink, and though they are strapless, not my favorite choice, the bride decided to incorporate short jackets as an accessory for those of us who prefer not to attend church looking like Madonna. The jacket is clean and elegant, just as the lovely pink gown was. I think that I will be very happy with the bride’s choice.

This choice was really a no-brainer for the bride and I was relieved that I only had to try on three "bridesmaid dresses". You won't believe this but sometimes I have tried and dozens of dresses for a single wedding. I actually think that she knew which one I preferred and chose that one. I tried to keep my opinion to myself until after she made her choice. It was after all her wedding and her decision and I didn’t want to influence her in any way just to please me. She may have regretted being swayed and it's really not worth doing that. Fortunately for both of us she chose a great gown.

I saw many other gowns that were nothing short of horrendous. There were "bridesmaid dresses" that ballooned at the bottom like something out of Cinderella. There were bright orange dresses that made us look like the great pumpkin. I actually saw a gown, and I'm not making this up, that was strikingly similar to a ballerina’s tutu and I thanked the stars above that the bride in the wedding I’m attending or smart enough not to go for a number like this. Although the final decision has back treatment may get and she hasn't ordered the bridesmaid dresses yet so you never know...

By: Morgan Hamilton

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