Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wedding Taboos Part 4 - Is This Your 3rd Time Being Bridesmaid?

Wedding Taboos Part 4 - Is This Your 3rd Time Being Bridesmaid?. Some ladies jump at every opportunity to be bridesmaids. Some need to carefully think about it for some time before they commit to the task.Here, we are seeing 2 different types of bridesmaids.

From experience, we were lucky that my wife’s "bridesmaids" were very committed and responsible. Part of the smooth running of our wedding was because the bridesmaids ensured that the wedding day schedule was followed closely.Even, some male friends were asked to be “bridesmaids” and they were very helpful in being drivers as well as helpers in other aspects.For the first type of bridesmaids who always self-nominate themselves, it is quite possibly some may want to use such opportunity to flaunt themselves and even over-shadow the brides.Thus, there is a taboo being created to restrain wannabe brides: the bridesmaids must not be more beautiful than the bride.

However, this is not to mean in physical aspect but it actually meant that the bridesmaids must try not to have too heavy make-up or to wear too revealing clothes.In a way, this is not to divert too much attention off the main star - the bride onto the bridesmaids.However, I’m sure such people are rare and normally, bridesmaids are the bride’s best friends who really, from the bottom of their heart, to help out their best friend in such big life-transition event.Another taboo for brides is that they can’t be bridesmaids more than twice as it may affect their marital luck. There could be some ladies out there who may already be in the right age to get married but not hitched yet. They may need to pay more attention to the number of times they are bridesmaids.However, in this modern era, no one really bother much about this taboo.

I have friends who have been bridesmaids 8 times!!! And she doesn’t really mind because she has a very kind heart and want to help her friends out.In actual fact, the tasks for a bridesmaid is many.5 roles a bridesmaid need to commit to:

1. inform the bride of all the nitty-gritty aspects of her wedding schedule

2. be the bride’s personal assistant

3. be the bride’s make-up artist

4. help the bride’s get water, wipe her sweat off and remind her to relax5. remember all the customs and rituals that the bride needs to followIt is really a big responsibility and only ladies who are responsible, people-oriented, helpful and detailed can be bridesmaids. by: Jong Reng

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